Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit

Come visit Chelsea City Hall to see the work of three talented Hispanic artists whose work celebrates Hispanic Heritage.
October 9 - December 15, 2023

Andres Lopez
is an artist originally from El Salvador who resides in Chelsea, MA. Recently, he has been working on a series of sculptural works where he attempts to portray the worldwide phenomena of migration and forced displacement in the context of contemporary life. He works with reclaimed materials such as high-density polyethylene. 
Andres Lopez Instagram


Andrely Lopez 
is a young aspiring artist who is discovering the art of painting from observing the work of her talented father, Andres Lopez. This is the second public exhibit of her work.


Max Corona
is a life long Chelsea resident. His grandfather came to Chelsea from Cuba in the 70’s. His mother came from Puerto Rico as a child and she has accomplished so much. Max takes pride in them and his heritage and turns it into art. He finds joy in being a part of the community, doing art and continuing to plant roots here.
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